Sveltesse Marine

This is the perfect treatment to help you regain your figure and tone your body. We have combined the detoxifying effects of Thalassotherapy treatments with a range of slimming massages.
For full or half-board hotel guests this package will be accompanied by a light menu, specially designed by our chef, for your weeklong stay at our Thalassotherapy centre.

This 6-day package includes 24 personalised treatments :

  • 1 affusion exfoliating scrub
  • 3 slimming massages
  • 3 Watermass treatments
  • 2 Pressotherapy sessions and 3 relaxing or affusion massages
  • 12 Hydrotherapy treatments ( slimming seaweed wraps and cryotherapy wraps,  multijet baths with slimming seaweed extracts, figure-enhancing underwater marine showers and slimming hydrojet sessions ).


Combining the benefits of hot seawater, aromatherapy oils and a special slimming massage technique, this is an exclusive anti-cellulite treatment.

25 min / 59€


This massaging and detoxifying shower is in a hot seawater bath with a variable pressure jet.

15 min / 47€


As you lie on a floating mattress your body is massaged by jets working in a circular action along the length of your body.

17 min / 37€


Hot seawater bath with hydrojets that massage you from head to toe. Choose from a range of wonderful fragrances.

14 min / 37€


Lying on a floating mattress in warm water with your body wrapped in seaweed you will reach the height of relaxation while your body is replenished with minerals.

25 min / 51€


Designed to increase venous and lymphatic flow, this treatment uses special Pressotherapy boots that inflate around your legs to increase pressure and relieve blood and lymphatic flow. Your legs will feel much lighter.

25 min / 35€


Total relaxation guaranteed thanks to this massage under a fine shower of hot seawater.

25 min / 57€

6 days / 930 €

Sveltesse Marine